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Loyalist Directory: Simon DeLong

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Surname : DeLong
Given name : Simon
Rank : Valet to Major Thomas Barclay
Where Resettled : Wilmot Township, Annapolis County, NS 1784 found in "Loyalists and Land Settlement in Nova Scotia" page 11
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : List of those in the Loyal American Regiment
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Loyal American Regiment, commanded by Colonel Beverley Robinson.
Thomas Barclay was the major of the Loyal American Regiment, i.e. the 3rd in command.
Enlistment Date : April 18 1777 along with his brothers John and Aaron
Date & Place of Birth : Albany County NY
Settled before war : The Rhinebeck area of NY in what is now Duchess County
Date & Place of Death : Some time prior to 1851 at Mt. Hanley in Wilmot Township, Annapolis County, NS
Place of Burial : Mt Hanley
Wife Name : Experience Charleton, baptized at Christ Church in Stoughton, MA
Children : Prudence DeLong b Sept 2 1804, m at Corwallis NS to Jacob Headen
Eleanor DeLong b 6/27/1802 Mt Hanley NS, m 12/29/1856 to Walter Thomas after Elizabeth Charlton DeLong died
John Cooper DeLong
Elizabeth Charlton DeLong b 7/14/1795, m 12/7/1834 Walter Thomas,d 8/5/1834
Experience Charlton DeLong
Isabella DeLong b 9/9/1791 Mt. Hanley, NS, m 8/10/1818 Thomas Berry. d 4/4/1818
Henry DeLong
Maria "Mary" DeLong b 9/25/1787 Mt. Hanley, d 6/15/1868 Wilmot, NS
Catherine DeLong b 12 July 1786 Mt. Hanley, m Arad Beals Dec 31, 1807
Rev Thomas Crane DeLong
Henry DeLong b Annapolis NS 9/10/1789, d 1849 Mt Hanley NS, m 12/16/1813
Biography :  
Proven Descendants : New Brunswick 2009.05.25;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : Siblings to Simon DeLong, (the other children of Conrad DeLong and Catherine Froelich or Frederick)

Charity DeLong b c1773
Eleanor DeLong, b c1769
Mariah DeLong b c1767, d 15 Jun 1868 at Wilmot
Catherine DeLong b c1765
David DeLong b c1753 Albany County
Henry DeLong (there is a reference to Henry, served in the Second Regiment of Prince Edward County Ontario Militia Regiment Hastings County Midland District in 1822, could be this Henry but more likely Simon's son. Need to work on this in more detail) b c1755 Albany County
Elias DeLong b c1763
Sarah Hannah DeLong b c1771
John DeLong (may have married a second time to a Sarah Clark born 1771 and died 4/14/1888 but that's a very long life and not likely so perhaps a mis-print) b c1759 m Betsy Brown
Aaron DeLong (the 4th great to Bill Tufts, a researcher in Ontario)
Sources : Research assisted by efforts of a Wayne Walker, Barbara Storey, Bill Tufts, and the archives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, vital records in the states of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Connecticut.

Information provided by Rosann Fleischauer - email
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