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Loyalist Directory: Jacob Arner (Amer, Arnett)

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Surname : Arner (Amer, Arnett)
Given name : Jacob
Rank : Private (Artificier)
Where Resettled : New Settlement - Lot 27, Gosfield Township (Essex County, ON)
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UEL List; Appendix at end of Honour Roll listing Jacob Arner as a UE Loyalist
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) : Upon the Petition of his Son Jacob Arner; read same day (15 December 1832); Order in Council 1834/March/10
Regiment : Butler's Rangers, Captain McDonnel's Company
Enlistment Date :  
Date & Place of Birth : 1759 Pennsylvania
Settled before war : Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Date & Place of Death : 1838 Gosfield Township, Essex County, ON
Place of Burial : Old Iler Cemetery, S. end of Iler Rd. by Lake Erie, Gosfield Township
Wife Name : (Maria) Barbara Arnold -born in Fredericktown, Pennsylvania on March 16, 1767 along with a twin, Margaret, who died in infancy. Married March 16, 1787 by circuit minister. Siblings: Johann Ludwig (Louis) b Aug 01, 1770, Johannes (John) b March 14, 1773. Parents: Frederick Arnold & Martha Schauer who m June 11, 1764 at First Evangelical Church, in Fredericktown, Penn. Martha Schauer d March 31, 1773. Frederick Arnold m 2nd wife Margarethe Noellin on March 17, 1774.
Children : Jacob Arner d in infancy, Jacob Arner II (b 1793) m Susan Iler (m 1818), Mary Ann Arner m Henry Huffman, Susan Arner m John Whittle, Elizabeth Arner(1794-1835) m Joseph Julien(1795-1850), Magdalene Arner m Mr. Blakely, 2nd Mr. West
Biography : Jabob Arner was born in Pennsylvania of German parents, names unknown. He was forced into the Rebel army as a young boy to be a drummer boy. When near the Niagara border he escaped and joined Butler's Rangers. He was trained in metal work as an artificier. He married into a prominent Loyalist family, the Frederick Arnold family who lived in the Thamesville area & whose house was a diplomatic meeting area. It is written that Tecumseh had his last meal there before being killed at the Battle of the Thames Octber 1813.The 200 acre property that Jacob Arner received had been abandoned by Frederick Arnold, his father-in-law. His daughter, Elizabeth Arner m Joseph Julien circa 1810 by famous circuit rider minister, Richard Pollard. They lived on the Thames River, not far from the Arnolds. They had 2 sons: (Joseph) Stephen (1813-1849) & Jacob (1823-1877). J. Stephen m Matilda Armstrong ((1818-1842), an Irish girl from Sligo.
Proven Descendants : London & Western Ontario 1982.04.20
Bicentennial 1984.11.13;
Bicentennial 1986.09.24;
Bicentennial 1986.10.16;
Kawartha 1987.08.02;
Bicentennial 1987.08.02;
Bicentennial 1989.05.27;
Bicentennial 1989.07.18;
Bicentennial 1990.07.23;
London & W. Ontario 1996.08.24;
Bicentennial 1996.10.18;
Bicentennial 1998.02.17;
Bicentennial 1999.01.04;
Hamilton 1999.05.14 (Ruth A. Nicholson, MC 8553-99);
Hamilton 1999.08.23 (Mary Hutchins [MC 8640-99], Susan McCloskey Hutchins [MC 8644-99], (Mae) Louise Ferriss [MC 8639-99], Paul E. Nicholson [MC 8638-99], Sarah R.E. Nicholson [MC 8645-99], Gwen A R McCloskey [MC 8643-99], Bryce C.H. McCloskey [MC 8641-99], Jonathan S. Nicholson [MC 8642-99]);
Bicentennial 2001.04.27;
Military Info :  
Loyalist Genealogy : Jacob Arner I (1759-1838) to his son (Joseph) Stephen Julien (1795-1849), to his son Henry Huffman Julien (1840-1905) to his daughter Rosella Julien Ferriss (1880-1974), to her daughter Alta Ruth Ferriss Hutchins (1916-1997).

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Family History :  
Family Genealogy :  
Sources : Information submitted by Ruth Anne Hutchins Nicholson, UE

- UELAC certificate application document.
- Loyalist Stories from the Bicentennial Branch UELAC for 100th Anniversary of UELAC, Earline Hines Brandt UE, editor, 2014.
- Commemorative Bigraphical Record of the County of Essex Ontario, J.H. Beers & Co,, Toronto, 190, Gary May.
- Southern Exposure, Your Story Publishing, 2012.
Reserved :