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Loyalist Directory: John (Son of James Sr.) Appleby

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Surname : Appleby
Given name : John (Son of James Sr.)
Rank : Private
Where Resettled : Briefly at Grand Lake, then Saint John, NB; purchased 100 acres in 1809 in Chocolate Cove, West Isles, NB where he settled.
Hampstead, NB
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : NYGBS; V35 N1 Jan 1904
Muster Rolls, Land Petitions and Grants
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : 1. Delancy's Cowboy's (Westchester Refugees)
2. New Jersey Volunteers (3rd and 4th Battalions) in the Southern Expeditions.
Enlistment Date : on Muster 08 Jan 1778
Date & Place of Birth : christened: 07 Feb 1762; Schraalenburg, Bergen County, New Jersey
Settled before war : Schraalenburg, Bergen County, New Jersey
Date & Place of Death : 19 Dec 1825; Chocolate Cove, Deer Island, NB
Place of Burial : Chocolate Cove Cemetery, Lot 201, Deer Island, Charlotte County, NB (next to his wife)
Wife Name : Sarah Ann WARREN
Children : Silvanius m. Susan WALTON; John Warren m Mary HASKINS m Loyalist Archibald HENEY; Sarah Ann; David; Hannah E m. Plato Dana LLOYD Jr.; Charlotte Elizabeth m William FERRIS.
Biography : Received land grant for military service at Grand Lake (near Deer Island), NB which flooded every year; purchased 100 acres and settled at Chocolate Cove. He is listed on numerous Muster Rolls with his brothers, Benjamin, James and Peter in Captain William VAN ALLEN's Company, 4th Battalion which later became 3rd Battalion in 1781, New Jersey Volunteers.
Proven Descendants : Vancouver 2009.12.07 (Linda Drake); Vancouver 2010.03.15;
Military Info : Listed on numerous Muster Rolls with brothers, Benjamin, James and Peter; see Appleby military record
Loyalist Genealogy : John Appleby certificate application by Linda Drake
Family History : John and his brothers (Benjamin, James Jr. and Peter) appear together for the first time on a Muster Roll with VAN ALLEN's Company, 4th Battalion, New Jersey Volunteers. Peter dies during the war. Benjamin, John & James petition for land in NB in 1785 with their younger brother Henry. In 1787, the youngest brother David petitions for land. Sister Elizabeth married LOYALIST William CAMERON. Daughter Sarah m. Loyalist Archibald HENEY, the son of Loyalist Josiah HENEY. Eliza HENEY (grand daughter of Loyalist Archibald HENEY) m. Stephen FOUNTAIN V (desc. from Loyalist Stephen FOUNTAIN).
Family Genealogy : Son of Loyalist James Appleby Sr. Great grandson of Thomas Appleby (chr: 12 Jul 1629, Barnard Castle, Durham England, d: 04 Dec 1684, Rye, Westchester, NY) and Elizabeth Osborne (1658-1681), a Quaker.
Sources : Reference letters K
Copies of original muster rolls from archival microfilm reels C4216 and C2417 (which contain records from RG8, “C” Series, Volumes 1858 and 1859), Library and Archives Canada, Ottawa, ON.

Information provided by Linda Drake.
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