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Loyalist Directory: Isaac Adams

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Surname : Adams
Given name : Isaac
Rank : Cpl.
Where Resettled : On the St. John River in Sunbury County (now Nashwaaksis-Keswick, N.B) and Cleoncore Island (Now Never's Island ) before 1788.
Status as Loyalist :  
Proof of Loyalty : N.B. Prov. Archives
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Captain Andrew Maxwell's Company, Prince Of Wales American Regiment
Enlistment Date : Abt. 1776-7
Date & Place of Birth : 30 December 1758
Settled before war : Connecticut, U.S.A.
Date & Place of Death : 1844 Prince William, N.B.
Place of Burial : 1844 Prince William, N.B.
Wife Name : Married 20 September 1784 Rhoda Babcock b 1 Aug 1770 in Vermont, came to New Brunswick at the end of the War..
Children : Elizabeth
Isaac Benjamin
Frances "Fanny"
George Frederick
John Wellington b 6 July 1812
Biography : Isaac Adams was granted 600 acres of land on the northside of the St.John River in Sunbury County(now Nashwaaksis-Keswick,N.B) , and 40 acres on Cleoncore Island (Now Never's Island ) by the government of Nova Scotia, prior to the creation of New Brunswick as a province. On 7 January 1785 he re-registered both grants with the New Brunswick government. The Cleoncore Island grant was shared with 19 disbanded members of the PWAR. Sometime before 14 Feb. 1788 ,Isaac sold his farm property in York Co. (on north side of St.John River) to Sgt. Alexander Fairchild (PWAR) and his wife Anne, and moved to Prince William,N.B. with wife Rhoda.
Proven Descendants :  
Military Info : Cpl. Isaac Adams faithfully served His Majesty King George III for seven years during the Revolutionary War in America in the Prince of Wales American Regiment commanded by Lieut.Col. Gabriel DeVeber and was a Cpl. in Capt. Andrew Maxwell's Co. from which he was discharged on the 10 th day of October 1783. He was at the taking of Charlestown, the Seige of Rhode Island,and on an expedition to Danbuy in New England . He appeared on Aug 1777 Muster Roll, On Piquet Oct 1777,Feb. 1778 Inspection Roll, On Command in Muster Roll of 24 April,24 June, 4 Dec 1781,and 24 June 1782. In Muster Roll on Long Island,New York, 24 Feb. 1783 he had been promoted to rank of corporal. He was granted a pension by the Province of New Brunswick in June 1840, at which time the official record shows his age as 81 years.
Loyalist Genealogy :  
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : E-mail to Ray Adams
Sources : Petition for a pension sworn before Justive of the Peace, York County on 22 Jan 1838:
"That your petitioner honestly and faithfully served His Majesty King George the Third for the space of seven years during the revolutionary war in America in the Prince of Wales American Regiment commanded by Lt. Col. Gabriel DeVeber and was a Corp. in Capt. Andrew Maxwell's Co. from which he was discharged on 10th day October 1783.
That your petitioner was at the taking of Charleston and the seige of Rhode Island and also on an expedition to Danbury in New England for the purpose of annoying the enemy and destroying their military stores which was completely accomplished.
That your petitioner has now arrived at the advanced age of seventy-nine years and is in a very destitute situation and humbly requests your honours will take his case into consideration and grant that a small pension may be allowed for his support, and as in duty will ever pray."
His petition for a pension was granted June 1840.
A document was contributed to the New England Historical and Genealogical Society in 1940. This has just been catalogued and made available in 2009. Some dates shown here are from a family bible as referenced in this new document.

Information provided by Ray Adams
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