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Loyalist Directory: Jacob (father of Henry) Anguish (Enckisch)

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Surname : Anguish (Enckisch)
Given name : Jacob (father of Henry)
Rank : Sergeant
Where Resettled : 1784 Home District (Niagara, Ontario)
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : UE Exec List; Petition.
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : Ranger, Indian Department then joined Butler's Rangers (Walter Butler and Dame's Coy's)
Enlistment Date : June 1777
Date & Place of Birth : abt 1720; Germany
Settled before war : arrived 09 Sep 1751 on ship 'Patience' settling at Plymouth on the Shawana Flats, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, then at Stone Arabia, New York
Date & Place of Death :  
Place of Burial : abt 1797
Wife Name : Elizabeth (last name unknown)
Children : John (1755-1809) m. Anna Nancy KLOCK;
Maria (b. 1756) m. Peter EIGENBRADT;
Barbara (b. 1760) m. Frank GARRISON;
Jacob (b. 1763) m. Susanna MOHLER (1759-1811);
Henry (b. 1765) m. Elizabeth LNU (daughter of a Loyalist);
Hannah (b. 1767) m. Henry PUTNAM;
Elizabeth (b. 1773) m Peter LAWR.
Biography : emigrated from Germany, arriving in Philadelphia on 09 Sep 1751 on the ship "Patience".
Proven Descendants : Grand River 1998.02.17; Bicentennial 2009.08.04; Vancouver 2011.04.11 (Robyn Sue KENDALL); Bicentennial 2012.09.04;
Military Info : Served as a Ranger in the Indian Department (Jun 1777) then under Butler's Rangers (Dec 1777) at Fort Stanwix. Present at the Battle of Oriskany. Went to retrieve his family and was imprisoned at Hartford for 9 mths where he became infirm. Released to go home where he found his family had been carried off by Indians. He rejoined Butler on the Expedition against Wyoming.
Loyalist Genealogy : UE Certificate application by Robyn Kendall.
Family History :  
Family Genealogy : son Henry was a Private with Dame's Company of Butler's Rangers
Sources : The Haldimand Papers, B.105 - Correspondence with officers at Niagara 1777-1784, Add. 21765 folio 399-400, Department of Manuscripts, British Library, London, England.

Information submitted by Robyn Kendall with the help of volunteer Wendy Cosby.
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