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Loyalist Directory: Samuel Anderson

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Surname : Anderson
Given name : Samuel
Rank : Capt
Where Resettled : Eastern District/Cornwall Twsp/Con 1/Lot 1/ per Provincial Plaque
Status as Loyalist : Proven
Proof of Loyalty : Certificate
Notes (Expunged, Suspended, Reinstated) :  
Regiment : KRRNY
Enlistment Date : 1777/October/26
Date & Place of Birth : 1736/May/04 near Boston MA
Settled before war : Vermont/Pownall
Date & Place of Death : 1836/October/06
Place of Burial : Eastern District/Cornwall/Trinity Anglican Cemetery
Wife Name : Deliverance Butts
Children : Joseph; Ebinezer; Elisha; Cyrus; James; John; Mary Donavan; Anne; Thomas G; George
Biography : Moved from New London; CONN to Pownall; VT around 1769. Offered Capt Commision by Rebels but refused. Imprisoned. Escaped 1776. Became Capt in KRRNY. Appointed a justice of peace and a judge for Eastern District. Was one of founders of Trinity Anglican Church; Cornwall.
Selected Public Biographies:
- Anderson Record From from 1699 to 1896 by Descendant Mrs. Sophia Rowe/Ontario Historical Society/ Vol V1/1905/pp 109-132.
- Ontario Genealogist and Family Historian/No 2 by Marion Chadwick.
- Stormont; Dundas and Glengarry by John Harkness/1946/p105
- Official History of The Cornwall Cheese And Butter Board by Harlow H. Stiles/1919/pp 44-45.
Proven Descendants : St. Lawrence 1980.02.22; St. Lawrence 1981.01.20; St. Lawrence 1981.02.10; Toronto 1988.11.11; St. Lawrence 1993.06.18; Toronto 1996.08.05; Toronto 1996.10.02; Manitoba 2016.04.12 (Dorothy A. Stampe, Judith E. Blanchette, Sandra L. Stampe-Sobering, Rachel Lynn Stampe); Chilliwack 2016.09.14 (Larry Nelson England, Derek Malcolm England, Ewan Malcolm England, Liam Jaden England, Aurora Grace England, Jennifer Kimberly England, Nolan Robbie Denham, Hannah Railand Denham);
Military Info : During Seven Years War fought at Ticonderoga; Quebec and Chimney Island. Fought at Battle of Bennington. Served with KRRNY. Participated in some of Sir John Johnson's Mohawk Valley campaigns.
Loyalist Genealogy : Lineage page.
Family History : see biography
Family Genealogy : See Biography;
George Anderson is Documenting early New England Ancestry of Marcia Shearer and Deliverance Butts and ancestry of Mary (Polly) Vankoughnet.
Sources : Judge Jacob Farrand Pringle; the author of the Old Eastern District; is a great grandson of Samuel Anderson.
Loyalist Capt Thomas Gummersal Anderson was a son of Samuel Anderson. See Mrs. Sophia Rowe's account of his life under Biography pp 116 -135.
A provincial historic plaque erected to Samuel Anderson on grounds of Glen Stor Dun Lodge; Cornwall; Ontario which formed part of his original grant. The location is Con 1 and Lot 1 of Cornwall Township.
George Anderson and other family members still own part of the original grant in the City of Cornwall at 1828 -1850 Montreal Road.
George Anderson was a member of the Board of Auditors of the United Nations during 1975/6 and 1976/7.
Reserved :